“Novyi” means “new” in Russian. It represents our policy of pursuing creativity for a new theater art.

In 2004, three theater companies, Theater Kyo, Perezhivanie Art Theater and
Studio Sontse gathered together under director Leonid Anisimov to share the
same goal, which is to heal the suffering spirit of our time and create genuine
theater art to feed the soul. The education of actors is based on the
Stanislavski System, and performances take the classic form of the Russian
repertory system which is very rare in Japan. Our theater is open to spectators
every week in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Our small, 26 seat theater is highly
regarded by the critics and regarded as a “painting of light and shadow”.

We acknowledge the role of theater in shaping the future, and have been
holding international symposiums, art salons, etc. To realize these projects,
we have won financial support from the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the
Japan Arts Fund for three consecutive years. Some of these events are
promoted by the Russian Embassy in Japan. We have been invited to perform
at theater festivals in Russia and Korea where we are also highly regarded.

Based on the theme of "Acceptance of
Theater Art by the Modern Audience"

A series of workshops "Creativity by Actors"
based on the Stanislavski System

A search for the mission of culture and art by artists, writers and scholars.

Artistic director of TNRT, Honored Artist
of Russia
1993, awarded the title of "Honored Artist of Russia" a title that represents his country's highest recognition of artistic achievement. Also awarded the National Prize in the Field of Art and Culture from the Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan in 1993.
2005,served as a guest professor at the University of Washington Graduate School of Drama
2007, honored with the St. Seraphim of Sarov Medal - Class II from the Russian Orthodox Church for his contribution towards development of Russian Theater Art.
This investiture took place at the International Classical Drama Festival in Ussuriiski, Russia which was organized by Mr. Anisimov.
Mr. Anisimov continues theater activity enthusiastically in Europe, the United States and Japan.